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We're still filling up much of the content, but do check our Events, Actions, and Press Releases sections for more frequent updates. Not a member yet? Our Sign Up form is currently down but please call 718-70-NYTWA (718-706-9892) and we will be happy to assist you over the phone.

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RSVP to Meet with TLC Chair Meera Joshi at NYTWA Oct 14th

Attention NYTWA Dues-Payers! On October 14th, TLC Chairwoman Meera Joshi will come to the union office to meet with NYTWA members!  Join Us and Pack the NYTWA Union Hall! Show Driver Unity! Build Driver Power!

Tuesday, October 14th
2:00pm SHARP
31-10 37th Avenue, Suite 300

Be Seen To Be Heard! Stand In Unity As We Present Our Demands and Vision to Chair Joshi!

You Must RSVP. Call the NYTWA Office 718-706-9892 to sign up today! Or confirm online at  The form is also below.

FREE Classes at NYTWA Drivers and Families Education and Training Center!

Sign up by filling out the form below!  Class descriptions for English as a Second Language (ESL), Computers, Know Your Rights, Social Media, Naturalization, and Taxi Mechanics & Budgeting are included.

You can also access the form online by going to this link:

Other ways to sign up: 1) Call the union office at 718-706-9892, 2) Stop by in person at 31-10 37th Ave Suite 300 in LIC, 3) Find our outreach team at LAG, JFK, or Penn Station.

TLC and DMV Point Rules Evaluation

Updated: The TLC is voting October 16th on a new rule to combine moving violation points from DMV and TLC to count toward license suspension/revocation.  Come to NYTWA’s office to review your DMV & TLC records so we can report the impact of the proposed rules to the TLC Board before they vote!  Please bring your TLC and DMV print outs with you.  You can also get your DMV Abstract at NYTWA.

Stop Lease Overcharges!  We are also still taking intakes of overcharges by SLS Jet and Style Management, and against Downtown Mgmt, Tunnel, 28th St Mgt, and Woodside, whose credit card reimbursement checks to drivers have been bouncing.

Add your case to NYTWA’s complaint already filed with the Attorney General’s Office & the TLC.  Help us build the evidence for a quick victory!


Pass the Taxi Driver Protection Act! (Intro 82)

A Call to All Members of the NYC City Council:

On behalf of the 18,000 members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, we strongly urge you to amend and pass Intro 82, The Taxi Driver Protection Act, and send a resounding signal that you stand with the 100,000 men and women who labor tirelessly in the City of New York, serving a million passengers per day! Taxi and For-Hire-Vehicle Drivers are thirty times more likely to be killed on the job than other workers. Drivers face high rates of felony assaults, suffering permanent injury and long-term trauma. No worker should have to choose between earning a living for their family and reaching home safe after an honest day’s of work.

California and Illinois already have laws to prosecute assaults on drivers as felonies. Pennsylvania requires warning signs. NYC bus drivers and subway operators are afforded the same protections. Don’t let New York State lag behind in protecting vulnerable workers.

Proposed Amendments:

1) Require the following wording:

Taxi Drivers Serve the Public.
Respect Their Labor.
WARNING: Assaulting a Taxi or Livery Driver is Punishable By Up to 25 Years in Prison.

2) Specify the font size and placement of sign: 22 pt. Cambria; To be posted in the middle of the partition in taxis or a similar conspicuous place in the rear passenger compartment.

3) Cost of sign should be paid for by the TLC or fleet owner or agent; cannot be passed down to the driver.

See full video of the NY City Council 9-3-14 hearing via the “Meeting Video” link at

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VICTORY! SLS Jet Ordered to Return ~$1.4M to Taxi Drivers for Overcharges!

AG & TLC Settlement: Fleet Owner SLS Jet to Pay Over $1.6 Million in Restitution and Fines for Overcharging Drivers!
$1,387,500 to Be Returned to Drivers’ Pockets!

Thank you to all of our members who came forward to us with Lease Overcharge complaints!

NYTWA filed the complaints which lead to the AG’s and TLC’s investigation. Documents and witness statements were provided by NYTWA members and the union followed up with countless protests and media exposure to the overcharges. (LINK > Watch Taxi Drivers Protest Outside of SLS Jet)

For Immediate Release: August 12th, 2014
For more information, please contact or 718-706-9892.

“The taxi drivers who came forward are the heroes who forced lease cap enforcement practices in the industry. They took on retaliation and harassment in the name of justice and today they have triumphed. Given a driver who overcharges by $10 loses their license and faces prosecution for multiple offenses, the SLS Jet owners should be relieved for not facing criminal charges. We thank the leadership of AG Schneiderman and the Labor Bureau and TLC Chair Joshi and her prosecutors for staying the course and sending the message that drivers’ economic rights will be protected.”

-Bhairavi Desai, Executive Director, New York Taxi Workers Alliance

NY1 (8/12/14): Defrauded Cab Drivers Set to Collect Restitution
Associated Press/WPIX-11 (8/12/14): NYC taxi drivers to get $1.3 million in restitution case
NY Post (8/12/14): Taxi company to pay more than $1.6M for ripping off cabbies

TLC Press Release (8/12/14): TLC and A.G.’s Office Team Up To Protect Drivers’ Rights

Press Release from Attorney General Schneiderman:

A.G. Schneiderman & TLC Recover Over $1.6 Million In Restitution, Penalties From NYC Taxicab Company That Overcharged Drivers

Yellow Cab SLS Jet, One Of The Largest Medallion Leasing Agents In NYC,
Unlawfully Charged Taxicab Drivers “Late Fees”

Schneiderman: Every Worker In New York Deserves An Honest Day’s Pay For An Honest Day’s Work,
And Taxicab Drivers Are No Exception

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Commissioner Meera Joshi today announced that Yellow Cab SLS Jet Management Corp. (SLS Jet) has agreed to pay $1,387,500 in restitution to drivers who were illegally charged by the company, as well as $125,000 in penalties. Under a separate agreement with the TLC, SLS Jet will also pay $125,000 plus $25,000 toward cost of monitoring compliance, for a total of $1.6 million in restitution and fines. SLS Jet, located at 22-05 43rd Avenue in Long Island City is one of the fifteen largest medallion leasing agents in New York City, managing approximately 275 medallions.

Today’s announcement marks the second settlement resulting from a joint enforcement initiative of the Attorney General and the TLC to protect the rights of New York City’s taxi drivers under the TLC’s “lease cap rules,” which limit the amount of money drivers may be charged for leasing taxicabs and medallions.

“Every worker in New York deserves an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, and taxicab drivers are no exception,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “With most cabbies already struggling to make ends meet, our agreement will put money back in their pockets and prevent this company from cheating drivers out of their hard-earned wages. Working with Commissioner Joshi and the TLC, we will continue to vigorously enforce lease cap rules and ensure that all taxi companies follow the law and respect drivers’ rights.”

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Chicago Taxi Drivers and National TWA Sign Historic Agreement to Organize!

Today, we proudly announce a historic agreement signed by United TaxiDrivers Community Council of Chicago (UTCC) and the National Taxi Workers Alliance to organize, unionize, mobilize, win! UTCC and NTWA will jointly campaign to meet requirements for Chicago to become the next affiliate of the NTWA, AFL-CIO. Call your friends and family in Chicago to encourage drivers to join UTCC! To join our organizing efforts, please email us at or call 718-706-9892.

(See Pics!)

Chicago Sun-Times (4/21/14): Cabdrivers seek to unionize to push case for fare hike
Chicago Tribune (4/21/14): Chicago cabbies group wants to join union (video)
DNA Info Chicago (4/21/14): Ride-Sharing Crackdown Backed by Cabbies, Who Move to Unionize

Mayor Stands with Drivers to Appeal for Health & Disability Fund

Brothers and Sisters,

Keep heart. The City is standing with the drivers and will Appeal to win back our Healthcare and Disability Fund, so drivers can have the more than 20 benefits that your hard work deserves – like disability insurance if you cannot work because of injury or illness, a benefit of $300 or $350 per week up to 26 weeks.

Also: Vision, Dental, and Hearing for you and your family. Back health. 24 hour doctor’s hotline. Stress management hotline. $10,000 life insurance and a $10,000 accidental death & dismemberment policy, and more.

Support the appeal by calling NYTWA at 718-706-9892.

Until the appeal is decided, starting today, the garage/broker or private owner cannot charge you the 6 cents. Remember, don’t be confused or lose heart. United, we will win. We want our benefits. We deserve our benefits. Thousands of drivers need these benefits. Thank you for your hard work. We are proud to be your union.

Local and national media have been reporting on the need for Taxi Drivers to have these benefits. See Judge Chan’s ruling here.

Washington Post (4/16/14): New York court guts a groundbreaking health-care fund that would have changed taxi drivers’ lives
WNYC (4/14/14): Fund for Disabled Taxi Drivers Hits Legal Setback
NY Daily News (4/4/14): Cabbies’ $1.4M health care, disability fund remains frozen by city lawyers

See selected quotes and excerpts below!

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Taxi Workers Respond to Mayor de Blasio’s Traffic Safety Plan

For Immediate Release: February 18th, 2014
For more information, please contact: Bhairavi Desai / or

Taxi drivers depend on traffic safety like every New Yorker. 30,000 taxi drivers average 60-70 hrs per week behind the wheel. Statistics show that taxi drivers are the safest motorists on NYC streets. Despite these numbers, given the high visibility of taxis, we’ve also been at the center of the debate regarding enforcement. We want to be part of the progress, not be the scape-goats for a serious issue in our City, especially when we have solutions to offer.

The solutions lie with making changes to traffic patterns and street design so that motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists are not all competing on increasingly narrow and congested space; better lighting, especially at crosswalks; more split signals directing turns; more traffic control agents; and public speed signs.

Reports have circulated about the TLC considering lowering the fare or shutting off the meter if the technology says the car is speeding.

To shut off the meter in the middle of a fare is not only insane Big Brother, it’s severe, cruel, and simply unhelpful. Technology that can truly be helpful should be considered, but this would just be overboard. Drivers already have no guaranteed income, only expenses on the lease, fuel and vehicle repairs. Every statistic shows taxi drivers are the safest drivers in New York City. We don’t deserve to be singled out and punished to do even better.

NY Post (2/18/14): De Blasio wants to shut down meters to slow speeding cabs
NY Magazine (2/18/14): Tattling taxis, black boxes, and other tech fixes in de Blasio’s traffic-safety plan – Vision Zero Plan

Is Your Garage or Broker Forcing You to Pay for Accident Repairs?


Report All Overcharges!

The latest garage/broker scam is to force drivers to pay for accident repairs.  If you have been overcharged, call NYTWA immediately.  There are many ways to defend your rights.  If we stay silent, the violations will spread.

  • Is the garage/broker still charging you 5%?
  • Are they charging you a “late” or “shift excess fee”?
  • Did the garage/broker make you pay for car repairs?
  • Are you owed money on an insurance claim after an accident?
  • Are they charging you more than the lease cap?

Stand Up and Stop the Robbery!
Call NYTWA @ 718-706-9892

All lease cap numbers INCLUDE the credit card processing!
The NYS sales tax ($4.77) is extra.

See TLC Industry Notice Download Flyer

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Big Wins for Taxi Workers

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) had several big wins on the week of July 12th, 2012. The Alliance successfully mobilized city officials and the Taxi and Limousine Commission for a 17% increase in taxi fares, the first change since 2006. The Alliance was also successful in getting the TLC to create a new six-cent surcharge on every taxi ride, which will fund a new account to provide health care to the largely uninsured community of cabbies. Sealing those two victories with a hat trick, the Alliance got the TLC to eliminate a 5% charge that fleets had been permitted to deduct from each driver’s credit-card sales at the end of each shift. The charge, intended to defray back-office costs of credit-card processing after card machines were made mandatory in 2008, had become a large source of tension with drivers after credit-card payments soared. As if that weren’t enough, the Alliance capped off an already stellar week by securing new rules that stop lease overcharges by taxi fleets, and successfully imposing new regulations onto a segment of the taxi industry that’s been unregulated for the past 30 years.  (NYC Central Labor Council)

  Fare Raise 2012 Campaign Article Collection (PDF, Set 1)

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